email-marketingEmail Marketing that really works

We’ve got something you’d like to get your hands on, in a manner of speaking.

Well 196,000 email subscribers to our newsletters to be exact.

Now at last you can reach out to our database of trusty contacts and promote your company, an event, pretty much anything in fact.

There are three ways to take advantage of our email marketing:

Sponsor our own email marketing for our events every month.

We send around 1.5 million emails a month. Our email sponsors have a small image or logo, a paragraph of text and a hyperlink and phone number at the foot of every email. You’ll also get a name check as email sponsor in the header area too.

Place an advert on our business offers email.

We send this offers newsletter once a fortnight on a Tuesday morning at around 10am because that’s when everyone says (and we agree) you get the best open rate and read rate.

Arrange an exclusive mailing just for you.

We’ll send it as if it was from you, you get the entire email to design and utilise and you get the metrics of the email including the email addresses of those that click through.

email-marketingYou simply head to our online booking form and buy the advert you require for the number of insertions you’d like, checkout and pay.

We’ll collect all the information we need for your order and it’s that easy.

Sit back and wait for your advert to run.

Important Information for you:

Our subscribers are spread across the UK and are typically small or medium sized business owners or managers.

We enjoy an average 17% read rate and 4.5% click rate usually but this varies based on content as you’d expect.