We’re thrilled to have so many loyal and happy customers, but we’re always ready to welcome more.

To do this we have a few select key individuals who excel at relationship marketing with their extended sphere of contacts. These are our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors can help you with questions about the events, get you the answers to the questions you want to ask and importantly can get you priority bookings.

If you have an existing business that see’s you network extensively somewhere close to any of our event locations, you can apply to become an ambassador and add another revenue stream to your income by helping us grow our events.

Just go to our contact form and drop us a line for a confidential, no obligation chat anytime.

Who are our ambassadors?

Geoff NicholsonGeoff Nicholson is a seasoned life coach, internationally acclaimed public speaker and business mentor.

You can reach Geoff by emailing him on geoff@geoffnicholson.co.uk or by calling 07909 685142

Geoff is based in the North East of England but regularly networks across the North West and the Midlands.


Brian Morrison

Brian Morrison is an expert in network marketing and proximity marketing and is highly regarded for his BizSocial social enterprise.

Brian can be contacted by email on brian@bizsocial.biz or give him a call on 07719 782459

Although a native of Blackpool you’ll find Brian across the North West and Scotland, the land of his forefathers.


Colin McKeand

Colin McKeand is known as Scotland’s Mister Networking and is the consummate host, coach and networking mentor.

You’ll get hold of Colin by dropping him a line on colin@colinmckeand.co.uk or give him a buzz on 07767 844942.

Colin makes home in Denny in Central Scotland and is the most connected man in Scotland, without a doubt.